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Sausage and meat products may increase in price due to excise taxes

It became known that the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation supported the initiative of the Expert Council under the government on the introduction of excise duties on meat products, including sausage and bacon. The proposal implies a tax which will be about 160 rubles per 1 kg of product. So sausage and other meat products in the Russian stores can increase by 30%.

Recall, October 16, the sources of the media reported that the Advisory Council proposed in the framework of the national project “Demography” to impose excise taxes on harmful products to maintain the production of useful. In particular, among the harmful the authors have identified processed meat products, mostly of different sausages. These products, according to experts, contain carcinogens and increase cancer risk.

A tax on harmful sausage will make her less available. While the proceeds from the excise tax funds can contribute to reduce the cost of healthy foods such as nuts, fish, whole grains, vegetable oils and others, said the authors of the project.

With these arguments, as it turned out, I agree and in the Ministry of health. The Agency also believes that the rise in price of harmful products, while lowering prices on healthy food can be quite an effective measure that will contribute to the improvement of the nation and the increase in life expectancy of Russians.

According to the report of the world health organization from 2015, meat products are a cause of cancer of the colon, and raw meat is a potential carcinogen and a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes. A few days ago a group of scientists from Oxford University have proposed to enter in a number of countries the tax on red meat and sausages. Experts are convinced that such a step would reduce health care costs, to save the health of hundreds of thousands of people and improve the environment.

The expert Council proposed to introduce excise duties for sausage in Russia, which also called for the introduction of excise duty of 20% on sweet drinks. The price increase of carbonated beverages, according to officials, will also help to protect the health of Russians, while the Union of manufacturers of soft drinks said that the introduction of excise duty will only lead to higher prices for them, but will not make Russian citizens more healthy.

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