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Most calories burned in the early evening

We don’t have to feel guilty when, after returning home in the evening eat a cookie. It turns out that early evening is the time of day at which we burn maximum calories.

For those returning after a long day home, the couple pechacek or muffin along with coffee seem self-evident thing, which sometimes should be repentance. It is considered that in the evening to eat anything should not be, because it’s bad for the figure, but in reality it is not. Early evening, as it turned out, was the time of day that we burn the maximum calories. If a person who adheres to a regular schedule, late afternoon and early evening are different from the maximum metabolic activity. During this period we burn 5 extra calories per hour or approximately half a gram of fat.

The researchers found that when people burn the most calories due to observations of 10 volunteers in the laboratory for 37 days. The people have not seen hours and didn’t know what time it is. And the researchers themselves specifically pushed its traditional time of going to sleep for 4 hours.. And yet, regardless of what time they ate or slept, for a maximum of calories are burned in the moment when the biological clock has reached the late afternoon or early evening.

For the vast majority of people their biological and actual early evening coincide. However, experts warn that for those who do not adhere to the usual mode of the day, the actual displacement of the biological night to a later date. A minimum amount of calories our body burns at night, or primarily, from 4 to 6 o’clock in the morning. (READ MORE)