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In the New year the amount of change grows

Most people decided on adultery in the new year holidays, showed shocking results in their study. With 71% of cheaters do not tell partners.

For most of us New year and Christmas is a bright family holidays that are only associated with the good in life. However, researchers from the UK found that the Christmas and New year dramatically increases the likelihood of infidelity.The festive season promeconomservice hikes left because colleagues at work, for example, a legitimate reason to kiss each other’s cheeks or a gentle embrace, exchanging congratulations. The study showed that 10% of UK residents have changed your partner in Christmas, while 21% of those who are in a stable relationship, are far more frivolous over the festive season.

Even more surprisingly, 71% of the survey participants never told their partners about the wrong behavior in the new year holidays. Amazing look other figures – adultery at Christmas and New year are solved 14% of men and 8% women. In addition, for 38% of them it all begins on new year corporate parties. Kiss at these parties, donated by colleagues, or a stranger, was the most common reason for pushing people into adultery. In second place on the prevalence of “hot” dancing at these parties, the third – the exchange of phone numbers, the fourth – buying a stranger an alcoholic beverage, and the fifth – wires home any colleagues.

It is noteworthy that recently, another study gave the opposite results. It turned out that the surge of adultery is approximately from the end of November and 10-15 December, after which they abruptly are on the decline, because people just don’t have time for this. All the free time they devote going for gifts, holiday preparation and celebrations themselves. (READ MORE)