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How to understand that I’m addicted?

I drink to relax or I have alcoholism? I love my partner or am I just addicted to this relationship? Computer games is my hobby or a disease? Whatever result you were attached, these signs will help you distinguish infatuation from true addiction.

1. Increase dose

Coffee, alcohol , or time spent at the computer is not important. Dependent person constantly increase the dose, and this further strengthens the habit. It is a vicious circle from which, each time harder to get out.

2. Syndrome

After another dose dependent receives only temporary relief. As soon as it ends, comes disappointment and fear. To get rid of them, we have again and again to return to the habit.

3. Self-destruction

As soon as the passion begins to destroy healthy person’s life, he refuses. If he can’t do it, then he’s addicted.

If you have a lot of free time and you prefer to spend it on social services. network, it is possible that the problems you have. For example, you are lonely or have not found themselves in life. But all the same it is your choice. But if you are fired you, friends ceased to call for the meeting, and my wife is gone, and you continue from morning to evening to sit in instagram – it is addictive.

4. The lack of choice

The behavior of dependent people due to disease rather than a weakness or selfishness. It has nothing to do with conscious choice. There is a proverb: “a Drunkard wants to drink, and wants – does not drink. An alcoholic wants to drink and does not want to – drink.”

Even if the person understands that making the wrong choice, he’ll do whatever you tell him addiction. When you don’t want to leave her husband/wife because happy with him – it’s a healthy relationship. When you can’t leave, despite the fact that he/she humiliates you, beats and uses dependent.

5. Loss of control over the situation

For the hundredth time promise yourself to never pick up a cigarette, and then, through shame and anger, smoke a pack a night. It’s an addiction.

6. Consistency

People watch their health, it can sometimes be hard to get drunk. To think “what the hell” and renew the painful relationship. It is destructive, but yet says nothing. Until it was repeated from time to time.

7. Disclaimer

“I didn’t want to drink again, just gave me”. “I didn’t want to go back with her, but she made the call.” If a person takes responsibility for their own actions, is talking about.

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