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How to eat between meals

No snacks between meals is not good for the figure. The habit of snacking protects from outbreaks of acute hunger before the next meal, which man devours food and drink more than is physiologically necessary to his body.

Snacking is an additional meals throughout the day in addition to basic, Breakfast, lunch and dinner. People who are diligently trying to lose weight or strictly watching my diet, afraid of the word “additional”. Meanwhile, snacking between meals is necessary because it helps in General to abide by the acceptable terms of a healthy diet calorie intake, not to suffer from overeating. This was stated by the nutritionist Svetlana FUS.

“Snacks are important because they help to maintain the body in good shape, filling it with the necessary energy,” said the nutritionist.
However, according to him, snacking wisely. The dietician provided advice about healthy snacking. In particular, the expert advised in an hour after the main meal drink a glass of warm water – this helps to avoid situations when the body that needs moisture, activates the feeling of appetite, and instead of a portion of a liquid person eats a portion of food. If hunger after drinking water will continue and have a bite to eat, eaten in any case will be less.

As a snack between meals nutritionist recommended to choose cheese with honey, fruit or berries, vegetable salad. For vegetables, you can add a piece of cheese or whole-wheat bread, a little olive oil. Also suitable for snacking, small portions of fish and seafood, poultry.

“Snack depends on the time of lunch. If dinner is early, at 12-13 hours, the need to snack 4 hours after lunch, and if lunch at 15-16, the snack should be between Breakfast and lunch,” – says nutritionist.
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