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Honey enhances the protection from a heart attack

Experiments with mice conducted by researchers from the University of Washington, showed that honey contains a substance that can enhance the body’s defenses against the development of heart attack. It turned out that present in the honey sugar trehalose stimulates the processes of purification of vessels.

Scientists have injected mice with an increased risk of atherosclerosis, trehalose and other sugar types. Ateroskleroz is a vascular disease characterized by excessive deposition of fat cells. Of the animals received the ingredient of honey orally. In the end, it was found that mice receiving the substance from the honey, reduced the size of atherosclerotic plaques – it dropped almost 30%.

According to the researchers, contained in honey sugar activates TFEB protein that makes immune cells macrophages are harder to remove from the arteries, atherosclerotic plaque, thus providing more significant protection from heart attack and other vascular diseases. According to who, atherosclerotic lesions of blood vessel walls involve the development of such life-threatening disorders like coronary heart disease, angina, strokes.

Honey contains huge amounts of phenols, enzymes, flavonoids and organic acids which are powerful antioxidants. Studies of American scientists showed that especially a lot of antioxidants contained in dark varieties of honey. Honey helps to strengthen the blood flow to the heart, which causes dilation of the arteries, and its antioxidants provide protection against the formation of blood clots which often cause strokes and heart attacks.

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