Health Problems

Honey does not cure the disease and not help to lose weight

It turns out that honey is not such a treasure for health, how many people think that. And before every day to eat honey for Breakfast, you have to think about it.

The medical reputation extremely healthy product. The ancient Greeks believed that honey contributes to the development of poetic talent and wisdom, since it brought to earth by the gods. In more modern times honey extolled as a healthy alternative to sugar, and also referred to as a product that improves health in General. Finally, honey is advised to treat a variety of ailments, ranging from sore throats and to bacterial infections and even infertility. Many believe that raw honey contains all of these exceptional health benefits, which is why the market for honey is growing. But the picture in reality is not so rosy.

Let’s start with the fact that honey is much sweeter than sugar and much calorie. Given the epidemic of obesity that has taken over humanity, replace the sugar with honey would be the height of indiscretion. Even if we put less honey, it will still get more calories than the amount of sugar, causing the same sweetness of a product. Of course, honey contains more minerals, which look very nice on the label but in reality they are there negligible amount, and no effect on health they do not have.

Indeed, honey can help sore throat and cough, but its effect is not higher than most syrups for cough. Honey has no effect on the reproductive system, studies show. Finally, this product really can compete with certain bacteria. However, you need to buy exotic and absent in Russia Malaysian honey Tualang tree or a kind of honey called Makuna. All the other varieties of honey are no antibacterial properties has not yet been found. (READ MORE)