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Gluten free diet helps, but to avoid gluten don’t need

Gluten free diet help to lose weight, but only because I encourage people to eat less carbohydrates and more fiber. To such conclusion scientists from University of Copenhagen.

Gluten-free diets can really help to get rid of excess weight, but study shows that they may not be good for health. Any disappearance of extra pounds and reduce abdominal pain during following gluten-free diets may be explained by the fact that their supporters eat more vegetables and other foods rich in fiber. And does not the fact that they refuse to allow specific protein gluten, as scientists believe. Note that today more and more people are choosing a gluten-free lifestyle, including many of those who have no Allergy to this component.

The study showed that the rejection of the use of gluten produces a modest but noticeable effects on weight, also it can help in combating bloating and discomfort. But all this benefit is simply so that the person starts to eat more healthy vegetables, corn, brown rice and oats. According to the authors of the study, this feeding style increases the number of “good” bacteria in the gut against inflammation and disease.

That’s why researchers from Denmark emphasize that a gluten-free diet is not necessarily a healthy choice, as it seems a lot of people. In other words, even refusing to eat gluten free products, just by following a healthy diet a person can achieve the same results. For this you need not forget about vegetables and fruits and any other foods that contain fiber and a positive effect on the gastrointestinal system. (READ MORE)