Health Problems

Expert warns: those who sit for longer than an hour increases the risk of colon cancer

Sitting is bad for the intestines. A short walk after eating, however, promotes digestion. And also the right foods to support the gut in his work.

In the course of life the intestines creates Incredible. 30 tons of food it digested, the average weight of an adult humpback whale. In addition to more than 50,000 liters of fluid – the equivalent of the contents of a swimming pool. In addition, he plays the pathogens has a crucial role in the prevention of disease. Accordingly, it is recommended to give on the sensitive Organ, especially eight.

Health Risk: Sitting

Too much Sitting is bad for the health. Who spends, for example, due to office jobs many hours at a Desk often suffer from back complaints or heart disease.

However, long periods of Sitting also affects the intestines, because lack of exercise leads to a decrease in Activity of intestinal peristalsis, the muscular activity of the intestine. The body remains long in the same Position, is the digestive system sluggish and can lead to constipation or bloating.

To The Person

Stefan Hillejan diseases phlebologist and surgeon of the clinic for venous and rectum.

Also at risk to a lot of Sitting in the intestines for a long time. Who moves little, has been shown to increase the risk of bowel or developing cervical cancer. It does not matter whether or not to compensate later in the day, still play Sport, the risk of cancer remains elevated. Therefore, at best no more than an hour at a time sitting and in between for at least five minutes to move.

Digestion promote: support for the bowel

Basically, after the meal, not overexert, but still moving. Hard sports during the digestion process, can lead to unpleasant reactions, such as a stitch in my side. However, the popular lunch, sleeping right after eating a negative effect on the intestines, because the body goes into a horizontal Position, and thus acids back in the esophagus to flow, and unpleasant Belching and a burning can provide sensation in the throat and chest area.

Instead, a short walk is recommended. This fulfils several purposes. For one, he promotes the blood circulation of the gastro-intestinal tract, which accelerates the digestion. The other is the upright posture that prevents acid reflux from the stomach.

Is also conducive to the intestine of fresh fruit and vegetables. Bananas, for example, contain vitamins, starch and potassium. The latter regulates the fluid balance and thus reduces a risk of disease of the intestine. In addition, a germ-inhibiting, Apples, blueberries, an anti-inflammatory effect and vegetables such as Beetroot, support natural detoxification, and to provide the body with dietary fiber as well as antioxidants, which strengthen the intestinal wall.

Finally, liquid is one of the most important pillars of a healthy digestive system. About two liters of water per day to ensure optimum consistency of stool and facilitate excretion.