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Even one exercise speeds up metabolism

Great news for those who cannot bring themselves to exercise regularly – moderate exercise too effective, including for weight loss. The specialists of the medical center at the University of Texas found that even one session of low intensity can speed up the process of metabolism. The results of their study published Medical Express.

Those who are worried because of the possibility to gain weight over the coming holidays, you need to listen to the recommendations of the authors of this work. They argue that even “one-time” sports help not to gain extra pounds, since in this case speeds up the metabolism.

The researchers found that one exercise causes activation of neurons in the brain responsible for metabolism. However, they remain active and for two days after this workout. Further exercise simply amplify this effect.

“One sport is having a lasting impact on propiomelanocortin (POMC) neurons of the hypothalamus, which provide a feeling of satiety. At the same time, these neurons regulate the level of glucose in the blood and in charge of restoring energy balance” – the scientists said.
To such conclusions scientists came after experiments on mice. It turned out that even one 20-minute jog in the wheel accelerated in rodents, the action of the POMC neurons, which are associated with decreased appetite. Simultaneously, there was a decrease in the activity of AGRP neurons, which inhibited the metabolism and intensively accumulated fat.

Experts believe that the results of their research can be used to develop drugs that regulate glucose metabolism in the body – these drugs, for example, can make a more effective therapy for diabetes.

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