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Drinks with fructose fastest to lead to diabetes

Canadian scientists about the study which says EurekAlert, have found the most harmful in terms of development of diabetes product – such, in their opinion, are the drinks sweetened with fructose. Having conducted a meta-analysis of 155 research projects, the experts concluded that the most harmful fructose contained in beverages, their use leads most rapidly to diabetes.

In its work, the canadian researchers emphasize a particular risk to health, svyazannyy consumption of sugary drinks with the common sugar substitute – fructose. According to them, recently increased the amount of data that indicate the negative consequences of the presence of fructose in the diet. While scientists have identified exactly drinks with fructose, which, as it turns out, can be much more dangerous than just comparing other products with the popular sweetener.

Fructose is contained in fruits and vegetables, is part of natural fruit juices, and honey. In industrial production it adds as a sugar substitute in many foods and beverages.

“A number of foods containing this monosaccharide, relatively safe from the standpoint of glucose control. But some of the drinks stand alone, their use can quickly lead to the development of prediabetes and type II diabetes” – shared his hypothesis by scientists.
According to them, a larger study on the effect of specific foods on health, in terms of the possible development of diabetes.

“The negative role of sugars in the development of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases is widely known. However, growing evidence suggests that fructose is a natural component and common sugar substitute – can be particularly harmful,” added the experts.
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