Health Problems

Do the benefits of mustard?

In the midst of a season of colds analyzed, not obsolete if favorite treatment of our mothers and grandmothers.

What do the doctors say?

Mustard children are treated, therefore, Western research should not wait. But it’s not because none of the country is not thought of, and because their effectiveness is questionable.

SARS on average lasts 5-7 days – so much that the body has formed antibodies to the virus. To reduce this period neither the mustard nor the banks, nor any other means. You can only relieve the symptoms and prevent complications. But there is a much greater role played by the immune system of the patient and then if he’s alone, and not mustard in his socks.

Then why do they help?

In fact, mustard will likely not help. You just get well by natural causes, but in the brain is the relationship: first, the mustard, then recovery. And each time it is maintained.

Where then did this recipe?

It is believed that mustard expand the blood vessels and stimulate blood and in the organs is inflammation. But only scientific confirmation of this hypothesis is not. Yes, and if the blood vessels beneath the skin have expanded, it does not mean that the effect through the fat layer, ribs and muscles will reach right up easy.

Scientists suggest that mustard can irritate the reflex zones on the back and it stimulates blood circulation in the lungs. But it is very difficult to prove, because the bloodstream can enhance most other factors. For example, deeper breathing due to the fact that the shot burns.

And when put mustard categorically?

  • the patient has a high temperature;
  • there is a cancer or skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, etc.);
  • on the body there are wounds, scratches or skin irritation;
  • the patient flow of purulent-inflammatory processes;
  • patient has Allergy to mustard seeds;
  • the woman is pregnant or breastfeeding;
  • the patient is still small, and I can tell he was hurt.

And what of this conclusion?

It is unknown whether the meaning of the mustard. Probably not. But the pain, contraindications and discomfort is exactly why it is better to find a more effective method of treatment.

What, for example?

Bed rest, tranquility and washing the nose with salt solution (it is necessary that in the nasal passages did not dry up the mucus). A healthy body is enough to overcome the disease.

The Department of health of great Britain has advised doctors prescribe cough honey instead of antibiotics. More details on this talk in the article “Treatment of cough: honey against antibiotics”.