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Breathe. Don’t breathe: 5 myths about meditation

Meditation practice is becoming more and more popular, but many still treat them with great suspicion. Yandex and Google on the most popular requests gives the phrase “meditation is a sin,” and “meditation is a cult”. Well, it’s time to debunk a few popular myths.

1. Meditation is when you sit in the Lotus position and sing “Om”

You can meditate sitting, lying or even standing in line for bread. You can sing the mantra, and silence. The main thing – not the position of the body and state of mind.

2. It’s something out of Buddhism. For a Christian/Muslim meditation is a sin

The history of meditation is associated with Buddhism, but it can be quite secular activity. Many people in the West meditate to relieve stress, relax and improve your mood. It can be regarded simply as hygiene, exercise for the mind. And there’s nothing wrong: no one considers sinful to walk in the gym hall.

3. The effectiveness of meditation has not been proven

Actually being examined with the 70-ies. Since then, there has been dozens of major studies confirming the benefits of meditation.

Nobel prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn found that stress reduces the size of the telomeres – protective caps on chromosomes. And meditation is an effective way to restore them.

Psychology Professor Richard Davidson has shown that meditation human body produces more antibodies against the flu virus.

Experts from the Medical College of Wisconsin found that 20 minutes of meditation per day in 2 times reduces risk of stroke and heart attack in the cores.

Experts from Yale University said that meditation prevents neuropsychiatric disorders.

Scientists from the U.S. medical center Wake forest has proven that just one session of 20% reduces pain in patients resistant to pain medication.

And even in the British Foundation of mental health in the UK has proposed to prescribe meditation to people in the treatment of depression.

4. It is very difficult and requires a lot of time

It all depends on you. Meditation can be given 5 minutes and 5 hours – but you don’t want to compete with the Buddhist monks, right? Then you will begin with 10 minutes a day and gradually get to 30-40.

As for the difficulty – here how about a fitness. Need to find the time and opportunity, effort and patience. But when you see the first results, they’ll want to give it up.

5. From meditation you can go crazy

Yet science does not know of cases to healthy people went crazy just because of the fact that slow breathing and relax. But at the same time, some meditators reported that during meditation, experienced panic attacks or hallucinations.

Therefore, it is necessary to observe safety precautions. The beginner ought not to feel “advanced” technology: better start with the basics. If you have problems with mentality, it is impossible to meditate without the supervision of a specialist: it could be aggravation.

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