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A mother is raising children without vaccines, and bans

This woman is the most reckless mother Britain. She gave birth to her third child without any help from midwives or pain pills is directly in domestic tub.

A resident of East Sussex Adele Allen shared on Instagram the happy news that she gave birth to her third child. It was the girl who had already received the name of a unisex style to the child’s sex was not determined this way right from birth. Adele gave birth at home in the bathtub without any help from medical professionals or painkillers. Her quirks don’t end there. During pregnancy, it did not take folic acid as recommended by experts, never passed through the ultrasound. None of her baby also did not make any vaccine, and recently, the eldest daughter had even smoked cannabis in a live broadcast of the morning program on TV, what shocked her and leading the entire audience.

Together, Adele and her husband raise children in a barrier-free environment, as she describes similar upbringing. As for the ultrasound, the woman considers it dangerous to the health of pregnant women and children, although the doctors couldn’t disagree more. Moreover, ultrasound helps to ensure that the fetus develops normally and does not need any extra help.

Adele is known for his reluctance to bathe the newborn, which is also contrary to the recommendations of doctors. His son Ulysses the woman breast-fed until the age of seven. She claims that her children set their own boundaries in which they want to live and be raised. Many people believe that this kind of education makes the child totally out of control, selfish, and quite an aggressive creature. (READ MORE)