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9 fatty foods that improve your health and figure

The digestion of fats requires the body a lot of time that ensures long-term feeling of satiety and protects against outbreaks of hunger and excessive appetite. Experts in the field of dietetics told about how fatty foods make better health and a slimmer figure.

In particular, nutritionists recommend to improve health and shape to eat salmon. This fish is rich in fatty acid omega-3, which enters the body from food, thus slowing the aging of cells, strengthens the immune system. Another product which is an excellent source of essential fatty acids omega-3 is flax seeds also contain fatty acids in addition to fiber, vitamins and minerals that help to lose weight.

In addition, fat, but very healthy product is a cheese, experts say. Mainly, the use of cheese determines the high calcium content. A big benefit of the body brings other representative fatty foods – olive oil: its use normalizes blood pressure and stimulates the excretion of excess cholesterol. More actively to reduce the concentration of hazardous cholesterol in the blood vessels and blood can avocado.

The regular presence of eggs in the diet can also strengthen the immune system, and promotes harmony. Due to the content of essential amino acids, choline, folic acid, Biotin, and lecithin, this product has a positive effect on the liver, improves brain function, dissolve plaque in the walls of blood vessels.

In the list of useful fatty foods, and chocolate: this product is characterized by a content of the powerful antioxidant, which contributes to the pressure balance and prevents inflammation in the body. Experts strongly suggest to use also almonds and olives-olives. These products are rich in micronutrients that protect the body from cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

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