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7 properties of yogurt for health

The doctors explained why you should drink kefir. This product is ideal for health promotion, because to use it can even people who can not tolerate milk.

Property first: yogurt heals the intestines. Its use restores the balance of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal microflora, inhibits the development of putrefactive microorganisms.

Property second: it strengthens bones. In yogurt contains protein and calcium, which make bones stronger, and the children to promote their growth.

The third feature: lowers cholesterol. Due to its ability to reduce high cholesterol yogurt helps strengthening the heart, provides preventive effect against atherosclerosis.

Property four: helps to lose weight. Yogurt contains protein and satisfies hunger. Improvement of intestinal microflora after its regular use is also accompanied by weight loss.

Property five: protects against infections. One and kefir probiotics, lactobacillus kefiri, do not give rise to harmful bacterial flora bacteria, including Salmonella, Helicobacter pylori and Escherichia coli. In General, kefir contains about 30-40 strains of probiotics.

The sixth property protects against cancer. The probiotics present in the yogurt, reduce the risk of formation of carcinogenic compounds, stimulate the activity of the immune system. That yogurt has this property, scientists said after research in vitro against colon cancer and leukemia.

Property seven: prolongs life. Kefir probiotics in the research allowed to extend the life of mice. Researchers believe that this was due to the reduction of chronic inflammation in the colon through yogurt.

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