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5 tips for dealing with “beer”” abdomen

For those who want to get into shape, get rid of ‘beer belly’ and improve the overall health, nutritionists have given a few simple tips.

Tip one: give up sugar. No longer have a sweet tooth, you can improve the metabolism and the liver – to deal with “beer”” abdomen is exactly what is needed by the body.

Tip two: more protein. Those who wants to get rid of the “beer” belly, nutritionists advise to focus on a protein diet that involves the consumption of large amounts of protein. It helps fight with increased appetite, lowers it and eat 440 calories less, reduces fat folds.

Tip three: drink green tea. This drink is an irreplaceable assistant in the struggle with the “beer” belly. Green tea contains nutrients and antioxidants, have a beneficial effect on metabolism.

Tip four: eat gluten. Nutritionists recommend eating more foods rich in fiber. Due to its coarse fibers extended feeling of satiety.

Tip five: be physically active. Any activity in sport, whether swimming, running or walking, are an important element in the fight against “beer” belly, said the experts.

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