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You don’t just take? Then you should better abandon on salt – Video

Fades don’t eat, nobody wants to have on the plate, even while losing weight. However, there are foods that ensure that people get faster Hunger. Doctors found out that a spice is particularly appetizing.

The salt in the soup, the potatoes and the salad dressing – also, a diet must not lack in the flavor enhancer. However, salt is not only in the short term for a feeling of thirst, but can even increase Hunger. The researchers of the Max Delbrück center for Molecular medicine found. In a study with volunteers who were included over a period of 105 or 205 days in a spacecraft mock-up, verified, the scientists also salt intake.

With amazing results: The men who took more salt, had not only more hungry, but drank less than that consumed less salt. In mice, the researchers tested their investigations. They found that urea in the kidneys, is increased salt consumption of water in the body is being held back. However, this mechanism of the body consumes a lot of energy. Best offer on

The result: The test subjects complained more often about Hunger. Anyone who does so during a diet on the salt consumption, can keep his appetite lighter in the bridle.

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