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Women should lose weight before conception for the sake of the children

Women must lose weight before conception and pregnancy, if they want to break the cycle of inherited obesity. With such a warning made by reputable scientists from Australia.

In order to do away with hereditary obesity, which is passed on from generation to generation wishing to become mothers women must lose weight before conceiving a child. It still remains to be done, and given the fact that the hereditary obesity awards toddler a number of life-threatening complications that can occur later. The risk of the child to deal with obesity is very dependent on the weight of the mother, and if she loses weight before pregnancy, the risk of obesity in her child is reduced by 75%.

Theoretically expectant mothers who are overweight can take the medication Metformin for the treatment of type II diabetes, but Australian researchers from the University of Adelaide found that although this drug may curb excessive weight gain in pregnancy, it does not reduce the risk of complications. And these complications, in turn, increase the risk of maternal mortality and childhood obesity. The study clearly showed that the best methods of struggle with overweight women before conception and pregnancy are changes in lifestyle, including proper nutrition and exercise. Experts continue to stress that to lose weight never too late. And it is always helpful.

In the United States and many other rich countries like the UK and Australia, approximately half of women already overweight or obese at the time of pregnancy. During the development of the fetus maternal weight required for support and development of the baby, but unhealthy weight greatly increases the risk of complications that threaten the life of the mother and child. (READ MORE)