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Wife uses the nasal rinse is wrong – then amoebas eaten away your brain

A 69-year-old American with trying to sell your stubborn sinusitis by flushed regularly to your nose. However, used is not recommended as distilled, but tap water. As her health deteriorates rapidly, and Doctors are baffled at first.

A 69-year-old woman from the US died after they had conducted a month-long regular Nasal irrigations. Her doctor advised her to take this treatment, because they have not suffered from a stubborn sinus infection that was responding to antibiotics.

Normal tap water can contain germs and amoebas

The Problem: Instead of the distilled or boiled water the woman used for the rinses normal tap water that you let a water filter to run. Depending on the quality of the water tap water can include bacteria, germs, or even dangerous amoeba. In Germany rates of the manufacturer of the nose, from showers, to use in the case of “ambiguous quality of drinking water” tap water.

Amoebas are unicellular organisms that are less than a Millimeter in size, and usually of bacteria and other single-feed learning. You are in all sorts of waters. Some of their species can survive in the human body and part bad trigger diseases.

Known gastro-intestinal diseases caused by amoebas. The cells along the nasal skin make their way into the brain, they can trigger life-threatening inflammation – as in the case of the 69-year-old American.

Symptoms are non-specific – from skin rashes to Numbness

For them, help came too late: Because the symptoms of amoebic disease are very nonspecific, the Doctors discovered only a year after the infection that had eaten amoebas in your brain. The first signs in this case was a rash on the nose, which was not a traditional anti-biotic ointment to treat. A dermatologist examined the rash, although several times thoroughly, but found no solution.

Only months later, other symptoms were added: The Elderly woman suddenly complained of one-sided numbness, and Tremors. The Doctors decided to of a Computer tomography of your head. On the Scans, they discovered on the right half of the brain is about a 1.5-centimeter-wide injury. A Tumor, to exclude withdrawals the Doctors a sample from your brain and sent it for further investigation in the Johns Hopkins University hospital in Baltimore.

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First of all, it was the patient’s better – then they built mental

Two days after this procedure, the woman was allowed to go home. Six days later, they went back to the hospital and complained of numbness in the left Arm and leg. After 15 days, the Doctors found that she was mentally confused. In MRI and CT, the Doctors were able to recognize that not only the lesion had become larger, but there is also liquid had accumulated.

In the following days, more lesions were formed in your brain. Almost three weeks after the Operation, a consulting physician was, finally, the presumption that the patient could be suffering from an amoebic infection. According to a further Operation, the assumption was confirmed. At this time, the infection is advanced but strong.

The Doctors started immediately with an aggressive therapy against the amoeba, but the condition of the 69-Year-old continued to deteriorate. After a week she fell into a coma. The family finally decided that life-support measures.

Worldwide, there were only 200 infections of this type alone, 70 of them in the USA

At the autopsy, the Doctors found that it was in the case of the amoeba called Balamuthia mandrillaris. They published their findings in the journal “International Journal of Infectious Diseases”. In global terms, since 1993, about 200 infections with this amoeba-type, with 70 of them in the U.S. alone. Since it is very difficult to diagnose in a timely manner, the mortality rate, according to the report, almost 100 percent.

Also the Robert Koch Institute confirms that: A by this amoeba-type induced encephalitis ending in almost all cases, fatal. Treatment options are still there.

First indications of a connection to the nose of showers as early as 2011

Already in 2011, the journal “Clinical Infectious Diseases reported” that two adults died in Louisiana, who had rinsed their noses on a regular basis with tap water. In 2012, a 47-year-old Americans died on the U. S. Virgin Islands to the consequences of an amoebic disease, after he had daily used tap water for his nose rinses.

The US-American health authority FDA therefore advises to use for nasal irrigation only distilled, boiled or filtered water. This advice also applies in Germany if you are not sure about the quality of your drinking water is not safe.