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Who threatened post-partum depression? – Likar.Info

The likelihood of developing postpartum depression depends on the place of residence of the women, proved to canadian researchers. More likely to experience postpartum depression (PD) is a resident of the metropolis.

Postpartum depression is the result of social isolation?

The authors examined data on 6421 womanobtained in the study, the Canadian Maternity Experiences Survey. Participants have given birth to one child during the period of 2005-2006 was Considered the place of residence of women from rural areas (up to 1000 inhabitants) to large cities (over 500 thousand inhabitants). It was found that among residents of large cities PD has suffered a 9,16% of mothers, and among the inhabitants of the villages of 6.07%. According to the authors, the reason for this is social exclusion of the residents of big cities.

38% of young mothers with symptoms of postpartum depression over time do not decrease, but intensify.

Previously, risk factors for development of PD has ranked the low level of social support, genetic predisposition, age of the woman. A new study has shown that one of the ways of overcoming depression in young mothers could be the creation of centres for psychological assistance.

The cause of depression after childbirth is the social exclusion of residents of big cities.

Oxytocin causes more severe symptoms of depression

You know, stanisci the level of oxytocin will cause more severe symptoms of postpartum depression. However, the study showed that depression may change the oxytocin receptor, making it less effective.


According to experts, when women begin to experience early signs of depression, their hypothalamus produces more oxytocin to combat the reduced mood. Now professionals will have to develop a new blood test that detects biomarkers of postpartum depression before its manifestation.