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Vitamin C protects against colds, but helps to heal

According to a study by an international group of scientists, vitamin C protects against colds, although that’s what I remember first and foremost when it comes to fighting colds and infections. The conclusion of the researchers is based on an analysis of 29 scientific papers on the subject.

Analyzed by experts of the scientific projects contain information on 11 603 patients. As a result, scientists have stated that vitamin C is ineffective in combating the common cold – or, rather, acts as a protective cold remedies are not much more effective than placebo.

The theory of the great benefits of vitamin C in fighting colds appeared and became widespread at the beginning of the 70 goals the last century, when Nobel laureate Linus Pauling published a book, telling it like taking large doses of vitamin C helped him not be ill with colds and flu. No detailed clinical studies regarding the ability of vitamin C prevent colds Linus Pauling did not hold, but for the pharmaceutical business representations of the scientist was enough to start to actively promote the idea of the healing powers of vitamin C in the treatment of colds.

The creators of the work said that there is still no scientific evidence that vitamin C supplementation protects against the diseases of cold. Taking zinc in this plan is much more useful than vitamin C, experts said. Analysis of 15 research studies completed between 1966 and 2011, showed that people who consumed zinc, flu and colds occur in 30-57% less.

As for vitamin C, it was found that it is present in the cells of the immune system, while its concentration in the cells decreases rapidly in case of infections. What does it mean? According to scientists, this means that to protect you from colds vitamin C is ineffective, “however, this vitamin is needed in the course of the disease, as it helps the cells of the immune system to better cope with the infection faster and thereby facilitating the healing process”.

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