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Vaping of E-cigarettes during pregnancy a danger to the child

Risks do not underestimate the fact that E-cigarettes during pregnancy, endangering the child

Despite warnings from doctors not to smoke during pregnancy, many expectant mothers again and again to the cigarette. You are disturbing the development of the child in the womb and increase the risk for various diseases later in life. What is not known to many: the Vaping of E-cigarettes threatens the Unborn.

Driven by the Vapor not underestimate

The German society for pneumology and respiratory medicine (DGP) and the German lung Foundation (DLS) have not called for the world no tobacco day, to protect children and Pregnant women from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke and E-cigarette aerosol. In addition to a comprehensive ban and the ban on in-car advertising to smoke or to VAPE, ask the experts, expectant parents, about the dangers of E-cigarette educate. Because current surveys suggest that Pregnant women, the risks of vaping underestimate and wrongly assume that E-cigarettes help with the cessation of tobacco cigarette.

According to health experts, every tenth woman in Germany to smoke during pregnancy cigarettes and harm to the unborn child. Also, the Vapor from E-cigarettes poses a health hazard for the young. (Image: highwaystarz/

Development of the child in the womb is disturbed

It’s long been known that maternal Smoking during pregnancy for the development of the unborn child is a significant risk.

In the case of smoke inside complications occur more frequently pregnancy such as Miscarriage, Premature and stillbirths, reported the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

In addition, Smoking of the mother during pregnancy is a key risk factor for the sudden infant death syndrome.

In addition, it also increases the long-term risk for numerous diseases and developmental disorders of children, such as Asthma, ear infections, Obesity and behavioural problems.

However, approximately every tenth woman in Germany smokes, according to estimates by the RKI during pregnancy cigarettes.

Incorrect Assumptions

Problematic is only the consumption of conventional cigarettes is not but:

“Since the E-is advertised cigarette as a tool to smooth phase-out of tobacco dependence, we have to assume that Pregnant women are not able to give up Smoking on their own, E-cigarette use as an Alternative”, said Professor Dr. med. Robert Loddenkemper from the DGP in a statement.

As stated therein, this assumption is confirmed by an American study of over 3,000 women took part, the were mothers. Seven percent of them reported to have during pregnancy E-cigarettes consumed.

Half of them cited as a reason that E-cigarettes are less harmful for the child and also in the case of Smoking cessation would help. Every fourth pregnant woman did not know that their E-cigarette contained the addictive substance nicotine.

Worrying Results

Even when Germany have not yet been collected, hold lung experts, these results give cause for concern.

“The study shows that the marketing strategy of the industry rises, the belittled, the harmful effects of E-cigarettes,” explains Professor Dr. med. Stefan Andreas of DLS.

The long-term health, by the E-cigarette are not yet investigated as well as the tobacco consumption. But as a fact that nicotine interferes with the embryonic development: the consequences of Premature or stillbirth, low birth weight and an increased risk of Asthma

In the nicotine free E-cigarettes, researchers found substances, the acute inflammation in the lung can cause tissue.

By switching to a new Addiction is created

In order to protect expectant mothers and unborn children, calls for the DGP, therefore, a better education, and offerings to Smoking Pregnant women in tobacco cessation support.

Although E-cigarettes are considered by many smokers as a healthier Alternative to traditional cigarette tobacco, but some studies show that the electrical evaporator are similarly harmful for our lungs as regular tobacco products.

And the question of whether E-seduce cigarettes tend to Smoking or Smoking cessation help, it is not resolved.

“The vast majority of independent studies show that E-help cigarette when you stop Smoking,” says Andreas. “Rather, it is clear that with the switch to E-cigarettes, a new Addiction is created.”

A ban on Smoking in the car

For the protection of Pregnant women and children DGP and DLS are calling for a ban on Smoking in closed rooms and cars, as there is in other countries.

Already Smoking a cigarette or E-cigarette leads to a high concentration of various pollutants such as fine dust, nicotine, propylene glycol, and acetone, which can cause in children, chronic diseases of the respiratory tract.

“Not least of all, children must also be a comprehensive ban on tobacco and E-cigarette advertising is protected,” says Loddenkemper.

Studies have shown that one in ten young people has been brought about Ads on the social network Facebook, E-cigarettes a try.

With numerous sweet aromas, you are especially for this target group particularly appealing.

A study by the Federal centre for health education (BZgA) showed that 22 percent of young people who had already made with E-cigarettes experience Smoking subsequently tobacco cigarettes – with their never-Smoking peers there were only ten percent. (ad)