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Top 10 fitness trends 2019 Likar.Info

Very soon will begin the winter, and that means it’s time to think about 2019. To get an idea of what awaits us in the future, the American College of sports medicine (ACSM) surveyed thousands of professionals in the field of fitness trends about health and sports. Results published in the journal ACSM Health and Fitness Journal.

Respondents were asked to rate 39 possible trends, of which 25 were trends in previous years, on a scale from 1 (least likely trend) to 10 (most likely trend). ACSM received 2038 responses from around the globe. The purpose of the annual survey, which has already become the 13th is to provide sports institutions information about what is happening in the industry. So, we present to your attention 10 best fitness трендов2019 year, according to professionals.

Wearable technology

Wearable technology such as smart watches, fitness trackers and heart rate monitors, starting in 2016, annually included in the top three sports trends from ACSM. The merger of fitness and technology was a breakthrough, so expect to see even more ways to track and monitor your sporting activity in 2019.

Group training

ACSM defines group training as any exercise involving more than five people. They first appeared in the top 20 trends in 2017, and innovations in the industry, such as online group workouts, help to keep them in the list.

HIIT (high intensity interval training)

HIIT won first place in 2018 (in 2014), but despite the loss of leadership positions, experts still believe that it will play an important role in industry in 2019. HIIT training, according to ACSM includes short intervals of high intensity exercise, followed by a small rest period. They usually last 30 minutes or less though can be longer.

Fitness programs for seniors

As the population ages, there are more fitness suggestions for older people. It is logical, especially when you consider that exercise is a great way to maintain bone density and muscle mass, as well as to many other associated with an active lifestyle health benefits.

Training with own weight

This type of physical activity uses only your own weight (pushups, planks, etc.) to achieve the desired results. Many people are fans of such workouts, because they can be performed in any place and at any time. Furthermore, they are really effective. Your body is a great tool for resistance training.

Employment for certified fitness professionals

The growth of fitness industry increasing the employment of certified professionals. The ACSM predicts that next year, as in the past, the industry will continue to give priority to the hiring of professionals who have been accredited through educational programs and certification programme designed specifically for training professionals in the field of health/fitness.

The ancient practice is on the list for many years. The ACSM notes that in 2018, yoga has taken many forms such as power yoga, yogalates, hot yoga and much more. Now that we have learned about the existence and goat yoga, you can expect anything.

Personal training

ACSM defines the personal training and fitness testing, and goal-setting with a trainer working one on one with the client. Personal training was one of the top ten trends from the beginning created the list 13 years ago, but innovations such as online training, made them even more affordable.

Functional fitness training

One of the most practical items in the list, functional fitness training is exercise that improves balance, coordination, strength and endurance. The squat, for example, is a functional exercise because it can mimic the movements needed for bending and lifting something from the floor. According to the ACSM, this trend is growing partially due to increased fitness programs aimed at seniors.

Exercise is medicine

Exercise is medicine (Exercise Is Medicine) is a private initiative of ACSM health which encourages health care providers to make patients ‘ training regime and analyze physical activity through regular surveys.

Consolation prize

Some of our favorite trends not ranked in the top 10, but this does not make them less important and useful. 14 myofascial soup, which has risen one place werpo than 2018. Massage foam roller, for example, is designed not only for professional athletes: it is a popular recovery method, which is used by many Amateurs, to stretch, to stretch muscles and increase range of motion. Training outdoors is a 17 position. The trend is clear: it includes activities such as group hikes, group tours, Cycling or Hiking.

As ACSM explains, this list presents General trends, so it may be missing trends that are typical for a particular region. Trends such as virtual training, fitness boutiques, boot camp and mixed martial artswere included in the survey this year, but none of them were in the top 20. Trends that may seem popular, for example, the highly effective fat burning workout using cardio and core training, dropped out of the top 20 this year.