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To quit Smoking you must at least 45 years

Scientists from Vanderbilt University (USA) said during a speech at the meeting of the American heart Association in Dallas on how to quit Smoking you must at least 45 years. To this conclusion they came, conducted the study with the participation of almost nine thousand people.

Scientists were monitoring participants of the project for 16 years. By the beginning of the observations the age of the subjects was 27 years. As a result, experts have established a link between Smoking and vascular pathologies. It turned out that the vast majority of heart attacks and strokes (almost 70%) occurred among smokers who consumed about a pack of cigarettes a day. And it touched and those who have quit Smoking.

The experts stated that quitters health first is actively returning to normal – in particular, within 5 years the risk to get heart attack, stroke and other problems with zardanadam by 38%. However, this return is slowing. Even 16 years after people quit, disappeared, not all the negative effects of Smoking, noted the study authors.

“Smokers, if they decided to stop Smoking, you should as soon as possible to give up cigarettes,” he stressed.
According to the researchers analysis, to quit Smoking you must at least 45 years. Tobacco smoke accelerates the aging of all body organs, and elimination of tobacco rather at the end of life than in the middle, simply will not allow the body to recover adequately to ensure that person was protected from sudden death or fatal disease.

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