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To be Fit the risk of many cancer lowers disease

Fitness protects you from cancer

There are at the present time, unfortunately, more and more people who fall ill in the course of your life to cancer. The question naturally arises: How can we protect ourselves effectively against cancer? Researchers found out now, to keep fit, still disease, the best measures of protection against cancer and related death. Improved Fitness could halve the risk for some forms of cancer.

In a recent study by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, it was found that improved the Fitness of people effectively protects against cancer, and the risk for some forms of cancer more than halved. The results of the study were published in the English journal “Cancer”.

Sport is doing well, and keep fit our body. Improved Fitness can protect us from cancer and a vorzeitgen death. (Image: nd3000/

Fitness Tests for determining the risk of cancer?

Fitness Tests could be used in the future to identify individuals with an increased risk for cancer. If people have a poor Fitness and sports Exercises, quickly out of breath, Doctors should inform you about related risks, explain the researchers.

Exercise protects us from deadly diseases

The current study highlights the benefits of exercise. Doctors see it as a miracle product, because sufficient exercise contributes to a strong protective effect against many deadly diseases. For the current study, the researchers analyzed the data of 49,000 people with an average age of 54 years. They had participated since the year 1991 run-of-training tests. Overall, there were as of this year, with 388 Participants with a diagnosis of lung cancer, and 220 people were diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

Sporty people died much less

The most sporty of people were able to your risk for Darm– or lung cancer by more than half, reduce. The fittest-fifth of the Participants had a 77 percent reduced risk for lung cancer and a 61 per cent reduced risk of bowel cancer. During the study 282 of the lung cancer patients and 89 people with colon cancer died. The most sporty, Participants had to pass also inherit a significantly lower probability of cancer.

Inform patients about the benefits of Fitness

Fitness Tests are nowadays frequently performed by patients under medical supervision. The results can be used to inform patients about the connection between Fitness and risk of cancer, explain the authors of the study. Also, of course, educational work should be done on a positive impact of Fitness on other diseases such as heart disease. Although cause-and-effect in the current study could not be determined, the Forschenen suspect, however, that a better heart, Lungen– and immune function sports people to protect against cancer. In addition, there is also a rare chronic tissue inflammation in physically fit people. (as)