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The mother gave her daughter a uterus, she gave birth to her granddaughter

Indian woman who had three abortions and a miscarriage, could produce a child with his own mother. She gave her daughter her womb.

28-year-old Minakshi Valan from India was the mother of Asia’s first baby born after transplantation of uterus. And this on the woman received from her own mother. The procedure for transplantation of the uterus Minakuchi was held in may last year. She took her for the reason that her own womb has ceased to be functional after three abortions and one miscarriage. The doctors told the woman that if she wants to bear a child personally, then she will need the donor’s uterus, and then Minakuchi turned to his 45-year-old mother with an unusual request.

Local doctors spent quite a complicated operation, and in about a year and a half after the transplant, the woman was able to conceive a child through in vitro fertilization. 18 Oct Minakshi and her husband welcomed the birth of his daughter Radha, who was born in the period of 32 weeks by caesarean section. At the moment her mother still recuperating in the hospital, and Radha is in NICU and she will be there for the next few months.

During the transplant operation the uterus doctors first take some eggs of the patient in order to fertilize them in vitro to create embryos. Then they are frozen until the necessary moment. In the second phase, the uterus, sostojala two main arteries and 4 veins taken from the donor during the three-hour operation. After that it is implanted in the recipient during surgery, which lasts approximately 6 hours. Only a year later, if doctors are convinced of the success of transplantation, can be implanted fertilized embryo. Usually these children are born after caesarean section. (READ MORE)