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The Lip Lab Allows You To Make Your Own Lipstick

Walk into any drug store or beauty counter and the colour wheel that pertains to lipstick is enough to bring you to your knees. From dusty mauves to cool reds, to shades of nude that could see you spend hours simply deliberating which suits your skin tone best. While most of us can attest to having at least four lipsticks on rotation at the one time, along with three favourites we always go back to, few of us can say we’ve ever really looked in to just how the makeup product is used. Rather, we tend to take for granted just how many colours and shades have been developed, how many textures, how many formulas – some creamy, some mattifying, but each proving essential when it comes to getting glammed up. 

Still, no matter how many lipsticks you seem to purchase, the quest for the perfect shade seems perpetually unattainable. It looms forever out of reach, we get close, perhaps finding a rose that complements our eye colours or simply fetches numerous comments from colleagues, but seemingly never close enough to finding something that is uniquely our own.

It’s fortunate then, that such a company as The Lip Lab exists. For those lucky enough to live in Perth, you can now make your very own custom shade of lipstick that is exactly the colour, consistency and finish you always wanted. As the website suggests, “You may be looking for a gorgeous nude you can wear with anything, a bold red that matches your skin tone, the perfect pink, a moody maroon, a daring orange. Whatever hue inspires you, we help you create a shade that’s all yours.”

How it works is that you choose your custom base – options like creme, matte, vegan or liquid matte – and can even add a flavour or additive to make it your own, like pink champagne or chocolate essence and lip plumpers should you wish to. Once you have selected your colours, flavours and finish, The Lip Lab’s team of mixologists work to make it for you on the spot. The process involves heating, mixing and then cooling in the company’s unique lipstick moulds. 

It might sound complex, like the kind of thing that would take weeks to reach the final product. But instead, it takes just 15 minutes. Don’t believe us? Just check out the clip below.

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