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The inability to climb stairs dangerous to life

Can you climb 4 flights of stairs quickly and without interruption? Scientists say that this is a key indicator that speaks about the threat of premature death.

Able to climb 4 flights of stairs without stopping to rest, is key in the prevention of premature death. Spanish scientists have tested this theory, almost 13 000 people who have already had cardiovascular disease or were suspicious in their presence. It turned out that those people who could not climb stairs without stopping three times more likely to subsequently die from heart disease and even twice as likely to have died from cancer.The authors of the study believe that their findings provide further convincing evidence of the benefits of physical activity in health and life expectancy.

Study participants were asked to walk or run on a treadmill, gradually increasing the movement speed as long as they are not faced with severe fatigue. Under these loads all the volunteers were connected to the echocardiography, which with the help of sound waves creates images of the working heart, including its size and shape. This apparatus is used for more than 30 years as a recognized method of diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. Echocardiograms also show how well the valves and chambers of the heart.

The researchers also carefully measured the participants ‘ level of energy expenditure in the metabolic equivalent, by which to determine the rate of usage of oxygen, as in a relaxed sitting position and during exercise. Subsequently, all volunteers were divided into two groups depending on their demonstrated performance, and then watched them for 5 years. During this period of 1 253 people died from cardiovascular disease, 670 650 from cancer and from other causes. (READ MORE)