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The expert has told, what threatens the frequent use of the phone

Frequent smartphone use can increase the risk of developing cancer. This writes the resource

An expert on radiation, Jan Henryk Lauer, said that, despite the active efforts of manufacturers of devices in the field of security, smartphones over the last 10 years were not safe from the point of view of radiation.

The specialist said that the smartphone sends text messages and communicates using radio frequencies, which consequently absorbs people. The impact of radiation is measured by a criterion known as the specific absorption rate (SAR). Each state has its own allowable radiation.

“Modern phones are more secure in part because of their design. For large displays between the SAR sensor and antenna more space,” said Lauer.

According to experts, when buying, you should select the gadget with the lowest possible SAR rating, writes “Uinform”.

In addition, Lauer advises to use a telephone or use a headset when talking on a mobile device.