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Study: researchers swallowed Lego-particles for self-attempt

In the context of a self-experiment decapitated, six British and Australian researchers, and pediatricians, according to the science magazine “Livescience” Lego figures, and swallowed the little yellow head of the plastic toys. But the action was not about a joke the last beer.

The scientists wanted to find out with the self-experiment, how long it takes for children, the toy swallowed, this excrete and what are the plastic parts with the body of the Small.

The result: on average, it takes two to three days, until the yellow head of the Lego figures again sees the light of day. To find the plastic parts, had to search through the researchers your bowel movements. The self-test bore the name of “Everything Is Awesome: Don’t Forget the Lego” (“Everything is great: don’t Forget the Lego”) – an allusion to the Lego movie.

Dr. Tessa Davis, a pediatrician at London’s Royal Hospital, and the test participant explained that “Livescience”: “This study was a bit of a fun before Christmas”. But vain the action was not. A joke of the attempt was not a case of: “We have every day, children in the Rescue, things have swallowed.”, Dr. Davis explained to the “Livescience”. Small toys can be swallowed, according to the magazine. However, thanks to the action of the scientists, the Doctors now know what to do with the plastic Parts in the body of the little patient happens: you will be digested without any problems eliminated.

The funny conclusion of the experiment is as follows: “We, that is, the attempt to find objects in their own or a third party’s chair, is hard and disgusting, and is not likely to be your home learned should be.”