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Study: New breast cancer drug, the survival rate increases to 30 percent

A new breast cancer therapy increases, according to a study, the chances of Survival of diseased women. A treatment increase in substance Ribociclib lead to a survival rate of 70 per cent after three and a half years, as US researchers on Saturday, citing an international clinical trial reported.

In the case of participants who received a Placebo, the death rate by 29 percent. In the study, 670 women were under 60 years, who suffered from breast cancer in advanced stage.

According to the main author of the study, Sara Hurvitz, investigations concentrated on the most common Form of breast cancer that is associated with the hormone Estrogen. This is generally treated with anti-hormone therapy.

In combination with the active ingredient Ribociclib significantly better results could be achieved, said Hurvitz. Ribociclib inhibits the activity of enzymes, which affect the division of cancer cells.