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Social contacts in old age is important

Elderly people in Germany often have a positive attitude to old age and have a strong resilience, despite the health impacts. Social contacts and movement are particularly important for you. The study "Aging in Balance" the Federal centre for health education (BZgA) in Germany.

First results of the study show that the degree of dependency and, as well as characteristics such as education, income, social participation and place of residence have a great influence on the life satisfaction and health. "Important key factors are the social and the physical Aktivität", BZgA Director Dr. Heidrun Thaiss says. Therefore, a focus of the BZgA’s work spent on the promotion of physical activity in the different life-worlds of older people.

Study leader Professor Dr. Andreas Kruse also points to the predominantly positive attitude of the respondents. "At the same time, the high age is considered as a real challenge. The responsible Self and the World, as well as the health-related Engagement of older people are relatively strong, both in the high and in the highest Altersgruppen", Kruse reported. The promotion of social participation and opportunities for engagement, for Others are of Central importance for aged people, the age of researchers.

The study, “aging in Balance: challenges and opportunities for the age of the individual, the society, the culture – a diversity of perspectives on health,” explores the health of the Elderly from different points of view. Were interviewed in addition to older people aged 75 years also of experts from nursing, medicine and local politics as well as media representatives.


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