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Smoking, diabetes and hypertension stronger increase the risk of heart attack in women

Smoking, diabetes and high blood pressure increase the risk of myocardial infarction in women to a greater extent than men. It pokazanova research of the Institute of global health of George’s at the University of Oxford (George Institute for Global Health at the University of Oxford).

Data processing 472 000 participants aged 40-69 years showed that Smoking, diabetes, hypertension and high (25) body mass index (BMI) increase the risk of heart attack in men, same in women. However, while in men smokers risk of heart attack is two times higher than non-Smoking men, Smoking women it was three times higher than non-Smoking women. Increased risk in women compared to men has also been detected with high blood pressure, diabetes type I and II, but not with high BMI.

In General, men are more prone to heart attacks than women. However, several factors increase the risk in women to a greater extent than men – govoriti Elizabeth Millett (Elizabeth Millett), an epidemiologist with the British Institute of George, who led the research, which used data from the British Biobank.

When Smoking 20 cigarettes a day chelicerae risk of myocardial infarction compared with non-smokers in women twice than in men. High blood pressure was associated with relatively higher risk in women it was 80% higher than that of men. Type I diabetes was associated with a three times greater risk in women than in men and type II diabetes increased by 47% risk.

The researchers also examined the risk of heart attack associated with aging. Although the increased risk associated with such factors as Smoking and high blood pressure, was decreased in both sexes with aging, however, additional excess risk in aging women still remained.

These studies emphasize the importance of raising awareness about the risk of heart attacks in women and ensure access to treatments for diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as resources to quit Smoking, says Dr. Millett.

Dmitry Kolesnik