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Showering in contact lenses cost the woman’s eyes

Citizen of Belgium, Peter van Kalmthout lost an eye and is now forced to wear a prosthetic eye, which was a consequence of showering in contact lenses. Getting tap water under the lens led to the development of acanthameba keratitis, which doctors were forced to remove the woman’s eyes. This story was told to the newspaper the Daily Mail.

Doctors recommend to always remove contact lenses before showering, surfing and swimming, and, moreover, wash the lenses in a special solution. However, in 2015, Peter van Kalmthout ignored this recommendation: in the weekend after some exercise, she took a shower without removing your soft contact lenses. Eye pain occurred the next day.

After a visit to the therapist, the woman began to use assigned eye drops and ointment, but her condition only deteriorated steadily. When the Belgian had to be hospitalized in the hospital, it turned out that her eyes amazed Acanthamoeba keratitis due to penetration of the microorganism amoeba Acanthamoeba species. This parasite reproduces by eating eye tissue, and two attempts of surgeons to remove amoeba from the woman’s eyes was unsuccessful. The body had to be removed.

“Tap water can cause a lot of suffering,” said Peter van Kalmthout, sharing details of his case.
For three years she was forced to walk with the eye patch, while it was not made prosthesis.

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