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Scientists have named the fancy computer excessive stress on children’s brains

Over long study conducted by researchers at the National institutes of health, USA, which involved 4 400 children aged 9-10 years. It is proved that the fascination with computer – overload on children’s brains.

Because of the long time for the PC slows down brain development. Scientists said that the survey gave the opportunity to observe changes in the structure of brain tissue, which a lot of surfing the Internet or playing a game.

“The MRI results say about the thinning of the cerebral cortex, the most sensitive education, which responds to signals from the outside, and is responsible for intelligence”, says one of the authors of the scientific project Gaia Dowling.

This thinning is considered to be a marker of early aging of this area of the brain. In addition, also increases the concentration of dopamine in blood and fluid of the brain. In particular, he studied those guys that take a long time flipping the tape in Instagram or post your photo there.

Magicforum it became known that the prolonged release of this hormone in the blood can cause the development of schizophrenia and other mental disorders. In addition, it may in some cases lead to malfunction of kidneys, adrenals and kidneys.

The researchers concluded that a child’s brain is too fragile to cope with a long computer games or “hanging” on the Network. This, according to doctors, too much strain on the brain, which causes damage and aging. Therefore, they recommend that parents limit the time of stay of the child at the computer.