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Recipes redeem before the holidays in the pharmacy

The Countdown to Christmas runs. Those who take permanent medication, not allowed to lose right now from the point of view: Enough of the required preparation is not up to the new year, can you look at the recipe before the Christmas from the doctor will prescribe, because many doctor’s offices close between the years.

"In principle, it is useful, the recipes are still in the old year in the pharmacy to submit and to remember to lassen&quot, where appropriate, of his medications on time, to prescribe;, Ursula Funke, President of the pharmacists Association of Hesse says. The pink recipe get Insured from your doctor could only be supplied within one month after the issuance of the pharmacy without additional cost to the patient is incurred. The regulation is still valid for two more months, will then be treated as a private prescription – the Patient must bear the costs entirely themselves.

Patients are briefly released before the Festival or between the years, from the hospital, can be obtained via the responsible hospital doctor, a so-called discharge management. The doctor prescribed with the discharge recipe for a transitional period of up to seven days, the necessary medicines, bandages, remedies and AIDS or home health care. Whether or not the discharge management for the individual patient is required, is decided individually in the hospital. Funke advises that the discharge prescription immediately to the pharmacy to redeem: There are only three working days including the prescription date is valid. So on Friday issued discharge prescription needs to be redeemed until the following Monday. Patients are uncertain whether your prescription is still valid, you can in the local pharmacy for advice.

LAK Hessen/NK

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