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Pharmacists want to fight supply shortages

Germany’s pharmacists want to fight together with pharmacists from other EU-countries, the burden for patients, Doctors and pharmacists in delivery due to shortages of drugs to reduce.

On average, each pharmacist in Europe spends 5.6 hours per week in order to deal with supply shortages. A recent position paper by the merger of the pharmacist in the European Union (ZAEU) is now calling for more transparency and communication of authorities and producers in case of acute shortage of supply. In addition, production processes and chains, by governments and the European medicines Agency (EMA delivery controlled and monitored. Not least of all the pharmacists in Europe are calling to expand the expertise of the pharmacist to the patient care problems, continually ensure.

In the "Core positions of the ABDA – Federal Union of German pharmacists e. V. in the European election 2019" the fight against shortage of supply was already one of the most important demands of the German pharmacists and European stage. According to the pharmacy climate Index 2018, a representative survey of pharmacy owners in Germany, are part of the delivery bottlenecks to the three biggest Annoyances of the pharmaceutical work everyday – Trend been rising for years. In the year 2017 published study "Medicines shortages – a risk for the Patientensicherheit" the drug Commission of the German pharmacists (AMK) was based on a survey of reference pharmacies already valuable empirical work on the description of this problem done. In the current ZAEU-paper, eight of the respondents, 21 countries report that the supply situation in the past 12 months, has deteriorated, while 11 consider them unchanged. Only in two countries has improved the supply situation.


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