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Perfect rhythm: With these 10 Songs, you can save a life

Anyone who would like to make the driver’s license, must submit in advance a First-aid course. This will provide important first aid measures, for example, how to carry out a cardiac massage.

How to do this theoretically, with both the heel of the hand and folded the fingers evenly at least five inches deep in the chest, virtually Every press – and-white. But in what frequency works best, know the Least.

100 beats per Minute are ideal

With a simple Trick of the rhythm of the heart-pressure massage can be received best in an upright position. The key to success is to music: There are some well-known Songs, each with about 100 bpm – 100 beats per Minute. If you press so when a cardiac massage in the rhythm of one of these Songs in the rib cage, this is the ideal frequency.

According to the radio station ““ correspond to these ten Songs 100 bpm:

1. Bee Jees: “Stayin' Alive“

2. Helene Fischer: “Breathless”

3. Lady Gaga: “Bad Romance”

4. ACDC: “Highway to Hell”

5. Karel Gott: “Bee-Maya-Title Song”

6. The Beatles: “Yellow Submarine”

7. Bruno Mars: “Treasure”

8. Beyoncé: “Crazy in Love”

9. Lynrd Skynrd: Sweet Home Alabama

10. ABBA: “Dancing Queen”

For which of these title you choose ultimately depends on your personal taste. At least a you should memorize but really – for all the cases. And who knows, If you sing at the life-saving loudly a love song, hold you, perhaps, only a heart Beating, but can it win for itself.