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Our cognitive degradation starts early – So he can use the brakes.

As can be slows down cognitive decline?

The cognitive abilities of people, unfortunately, in the course of life. Physicians have long been looking for ways to combat these effects of aging. A regular aerobic exercise seems to help the cognitive decline counter.

The scientists from the Columbia University found in their recent study that regular physical activity seems to protect important cognitive skills. The doctors published the results of their study in the English journal “Neurology”.

Aerobic exercise protects the Executive function of the brain

In the current study, it was found that the 132 subjects between the ages of early 20’s and at the end of 60, an improvement of the so-called Executive functions of the brain entry, if you did a regular aerobic exercise program. The Executive functions are cognitive abilities that help us to plan ahead, to clarify things or to solve complex problems, explained study author Dr. Yaakov Stern.

What aerobic exercise is?

During aerobic Training, the body is sufficiently supplied with oxygen. So the body can metabolize fats and carbohydrates, and it is formed lactate in such small quantities that it can be dismantled. For an aerobic workout sports styles, such as Running, Cycling or Swimming.

Start early with the aerobic Training

Unfortunately, to reach the Executive functions of a certain age (the age depends on the Person) finally culminating and then. This natural decline of Executive functions seems to slow down. Surprisingly found the doctors that aerobic exercise can improve Executive function in Participants from twenty years, which protects against a reduction in Executive functions later in life. The improvements, occurring in the exercise of aerobic Training in relation to Executive functions, are significant enough to be even for people in their twenties is of importance, says study author Dr. Yaakov Stern.

Subjects, long-trained six months

In the study, the star had volunteers of all ages for six months, four times per week to train. You have successfully completed either in certain heart rate ranges (approximately 75 percent of your maximum heart rate) aerobic exercise, or they carried out stretching and other exercises. The Team then tests the Executive functions of the volunteers through a series of tasks in connection with Gedächtnis– or speed associations. This test was performed once after half the time of the study and once at the end of the six-month trial.

There were statistically significant improvements in outcomes for persons of all ages observed, which were in the group of aerobic Exercises, even in the case of the 20-year-old subjects. In Reviewing the results, the researchers found that the older someone was, the more drastic the improvements in the score were compared to the initial value. The study showed that the influence of aerobic increase in movement on the Executive functions with increasing age, so that, for example, a 40-learned years of a greater improvement than a 30-year-old.

Benefits by aerobic exercise