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Only one party threatens to falls and fractures

The study helped to answer the question of why after a stormy party the risk of falling and dangerous fractures increases. It turns out, lack of sleep deprives us of the ability to adequately control posture and stability.

Scientists from the UK have answered the question about why we fall much more often and even get fractures after some loud and prolonged parties. During small-scale study involving 20 people has established that the sleep deficit makes us less able to control posture and stability. This is because night stay which we replaced some get-togethers with alcohol, plays a critical role in holding our body in a stable position when moving. This rest is needed for the brain to regain control.

“In fact, this study gave some unexpected findings, say the authors. – We are all faced with a situation in which due to the lack of a sufficient amount of sleep we experience dizziness. In addition, our ability to retain stability and balance during movements was violated. When we get enough sleep and maintain good health, our body is able to adapt, it is a strategy to maintain stability, prevention of falls and related accidents. Unfortunately, with aging or chronic lack of sleep, this ability is reduced as the ability to adapt to the situation.”
During the study, 20 healthy adults passed through different simulated situations, including sleep deficit. But researchers over the next two days, have evaluated the ability of these people to stand up and maintain stability. The results of the experiment showed that after only one or two days of sleep restriction the body’s ability to defend against the threat of falls and fractures is greatly reduced. (READ MORE)