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Obesity and high blood pressure with Kimchi prevent?

The health benefits of Kimchi

Have you ever tried Kimchi? The fermented vegetables from the Korean kitchen is not only for an exotic taste experience, but is also extremely healthy. Numerous studies have examined already the health effects of the traditional court and came to the conclusion that Kimchi can not only help you in losing weight, but also lowers blood pressure, heart diseases and Diabetes, protects and stimulates digestion.

We compare the proportion of overweight individuals in the German and südkoranischen population quickly becomes clear: The Koreans have far fewer problems with obesity than the German. One reason for this could lie in the food culture. For example, the traditional Korean dish Kimchi has confirmed its health benefits in numerous studies. Because Kimchi is low in calories, low in fat and a source of nutrients for vitamins, minerals, fiber, and important phytonutrients. In Korea, fermented vegetables, is served for centuries.

What Kimchi is?

When Kimchi is a pickled vegetable mix that often contains cucumber, leek, radish or Chinese cabbage. In Korea, Kimchi is served with almost every meal. The vegetables can be prepared in different ways. The manufacturing process is similar to the traditional production of Sauerkraut. The vegetables are first pickled in salted water and then, for example, with radish, ginger, garlic, fish sauce, and chili powder-seasoned. The leaves are then formed into small parcels and in a sealed clay pot fermented. By the lactic acid fermentation of the vegetables is preserved and, after a few days, the typical sour Kimchi taste.

Kimchi is rich in nutrients

Kimchi is a source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and important phytonutrients. It is rich in Vitamin C and Beta-carotene, sulfur compounds, and Capsaicin. Since it contains a number of probiotic strains, it can be used as a plant-based Alternative to yogurt.

Kimchi can help you lose weight

The Korean dish of vegetables is very low calorie and low fat. In studies, it has been already shown that Kimchi improves a number of metabolic factors associated with Obesity. As a result, it not only helps with weight loss, but also lowers the risk for heart disease and Diabetes. In addition, the court has a positive effect on the fasting blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. This is a study of the Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, published in the journal “Nutrition Research” took.

Good for the immune system

A further study showed that Kimchi stimulates the immune system and thus may be the risk for infectious diseases reduces. Koranic Scholars of the Department of Medical Nutrition, showed in an animal study that Kimchi promotes the growth of immune cells. The research team was also able to show that the probiotic strain of the bacterium Lactobacillus plantarum from Kimchi, a crucial role in the production of the antibody Immunoglobulin A (IgA). The results of the study were presented in the journal “Clinical Nutrition Research”.

Fancy Kimchi?

Meanwhile, there are hundreds of different Kimchi varieties. The variations range from different vegetables, several spices to various preparation methods. From mild to spicy, each Flavor is represented. Testing, you can shop the fermented vegetables in any Koranic Restaurant or in most of Asia. Purchased products should not contain large amounts of sodium or preservatives. On the Internet, you can also find numerous recipes for home preparation. (vb)