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Not really a morning person? Become one by learning about the many health benefits

Night owls may disagree, but here are many advantages that come with being an early bird.

The ‘morning person versus night owl’ debate rages on. The distinct lifestyle choices come with their share of pros and cons. While morning persons argue it makes them healthier and more active, night owls claim they are smarter. But, what does science say? According to numerous studies and researches, waking up in the morning after a good night’s sleep makes a person healthier and more ready to take on the world. Night owls may disagree, but here are some advantages that come with being a morning person. Read on.

Easy ways to become a morning person


According to a recent research published by the Northwestern University, exposure to natural light can influence your weight. So people who expose themselves to daylight, are said to have a lower body mass index (BMI) than those who start their day late. This study, however, is independent of a person’s dietary habit vis-à-vis their calorie intake.

Better driving skills

Night owls can vehemently disagree, but science says morning persons are better drivers. According to a research conducted by Spanish researchers, night owls drive worse in the mornings than they do in evenings. But, early birds drive well both times of the day. According to the study, they show more detail-oriented traits.

More proactive

When you are well rested and wake up early in the morning, you feel more energetic and, therefore, more in charge. According to a research published in the Harvard Business Review, morning persons are likely to have a more heady and determined mentality than night owls.

Physically fit 

Those with a taste for mornings, are likely to have a more consistent workout regimen, than those who exercise later in the day. As such, they are less likely to feel sluggish or miss a deadline. Besides, science says that if you are looking to lose weight and stay fit, exercising in the morning is preferred.

Simple lifestyle changes to reduce your blood sugar level naturally

Healthier blood sugar level

Pushing your sleeping hours can be bad for the blood sugar level. As such science says that the natural body clock must be adhered to. Those who sleep on time and wake up early in the mornings, may be better prepared to ward off health problems like “coronary artery disease, metabolic syndrome and impaired glucose tolerance”.

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