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My sons phone are addictive: from the Smartphone, you sit there like an amputee

For parents it is increasingly difficult for the use of their children’s behavior to keep in moderation. Lisa is a mother of two sons and tells of the daily battle against the Smartphone and the balancing act between contemporary education and the protection of their children.

I once got written about, as that was when our Great a cell phone. I was only thinking the other day about how nice that was, when the boys of the debates is a self-imposed tablet ban for Monday to Friday. I have been amazed. And unfortunately, this has not stopped too long.

This is similar to the one described in the policy. First, you can’t leave it on a voluntary basis, are based, until you realize: “Hm, Yes somehow. And then there are fixed rules and frustration,“ And Yes, even more frustration. Frustration, Frustration, Frustration.

While I’m typing this Text here, fighting my sons just about the next Transfer for your football game on the iPad. We only have one, you don’t have to share so it’s just the thing – if you must have it, but then also the strategic decisions for your digital football career.

The constant struggle makes you exhausted

Yes, it is not a ball game, but a game of ball, that makes me happy. But only a bit. Because the addiction factor is still immense.

Most of the games that are made for children, are carefully designed so that you need to play again and again, to stay on the Ball. “Just one more game, mom,” “just up until the final whistle”, “Can I see her again, very briefly, because I have to check again for a result”. Anyone who has children will know that and makes it just short.

And I’m not a Verteufler of the new media! I love the Internet. I’ve lived in many places and hold very fond of human contact. I can keep the network in touch with friends from Berlin, Bogotá, or in the Bahamas.

I am incredibly much on a Laptop or mobile phone, the network allows me to spend so much time with my children, because much of my Job can be from home.

The sovereign handling but also proud of

I’m looking for a good handling of children with the media, I want you to know all that, I’m not proud of, if you shoot a music video, and cut it afterwards with an App – I couldn’t nine years old yet! I am happy if you want to know something about volcanoes and then on Youtube a documentary look.

But everything has its limits. Sometimes I could despair. If you want to in the morning after Waking up directly to it. If you daddeln degrees and virtually non-responsive.

For parents, a hell of a challenge

It is almost impossible to escape the thing. Well, they have their mobile phones only for five weeks, because they will soon take the bus to school and back. Since the fascination of the New is still. But I have the feeling that the great enthusiasm, this magnetic Hing will not change feel moved even after months, because this thing is multi-functional!

“We want to be out doing a race, we are allowed to take the cell phone to stop the time?”

“We want to recalculate the shopping list, may we have the phone for the calculator App?”

“We do not want to gamble, we just want to listen to a radio play on Spotify”

So how is one to argue? It is a hell of a challenge! A daily high-wire act, an effort. Because we grew up with those things, because we can only imagine what it does to you, if you hang out constantly the things.

Because we have all kind of bullerby in the head and want you to be outside, with grazed knees after coming home, they jump in puddles, play in the forest cops and robbers that you see crack squirrels in the Nut, that you can throw it at each other with leaves, you to children kick the neighbor on the football pitch.

Parents need to think about contemporary behavior

And if the phone is off, they sit there like amputated. No laughing bouncy ball Bouncing through the space of frogs to eat, and therefore points can accumulate, leading to a direct experience of success.

There are no hymns of Victory, or points or cash payouts if the dishwasher has been adequately given. And, accordingly, boring, also all of the analog, everyday, which is present in addition to the Daddelei also designed.

“What should we do now?” Usually this ends in a sibling dispute, because the frustration is too large, because the pent-up energy out, which is not required sitting on the Sofa.

You miss your Childhood? Or our image of Childhood is obsolete? It is this combination of school, Hobby and Gaming, which is now the norm and not the consequences of serious late, but a varied life? How can you not ensure the right dealing with things, when the children find him? About parents, we need to think about all of today’s daily.

It is a world of its own, the opening up of our children, this is not endure so easily, because we have the experienced as never.

In moments where I could just about explode, I think, that books and radio plays were once demonized as an escape from Everyday life. Parents used to despair about the TV consumption of their children. And somehow, the world has remained this anyway. So, we try to remain optimistic.

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