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Mindfulness pop-up to open in London next week to help stressed commuters

Feeling stressed, anxious and generally burnt out from work?

An immersive exhibition opening in London next week could be just the break you need from the daily grind.

A mindfulness pop-up is due to open on Tottenham Court Road on Monday July 25, to ease stressed commuters.

Aptly named ‘Room to Breathe,’ the experience is based on the science of ‘box-breathing’ and how it can reduce anxiety.

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Essentially, the new pop-up has been brought about in response to the 4×4 breathing technique – with the idea of giving people a rhythm to breathe to, and to encourage meditation.

Something workers can then use in their busy day-to-day lives.

The sensory experience promises soothing light and visual cues of rolling clouds, calm skies and the sun – all of which mimic calmer breathing patterns.

There will also be original music, written by Matthew Wilcock, designed to guide city workers on breathing in, holding, and breathing out – using the four-second breathing technique.

Room to Breathe will take place in Outernet London’s NOW Trending building, opposite exit 4 from Tottenham Court Road station – with showings at 11am-12pm, 2-3pm and 7-8pm daily.

The sessions are also totally free and open to all ages – plus there’s no need to reserve a space, simply drop by.

Jayne Cox, a leading trauma and anxiety consultant, says: ‘Anxiety and stress often changes the way we breathe, with our breath often becoming rapid and shallow, resulting in heightened anxiety and becoming “stuck” in a state of fight or flight. 

‘Learning and regularly implementing a simple breathing technique reduces anxiety by helping us to have more control over our breath. Once learnt, these techniques become a “tool” that support us anywhere, whether we are on the move or at home.’

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