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In Russia began the season of winter depression

In Central Russia the season of the shortest days of the year, as reported by the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand. A long stay in conditions of short photoperiod contributes to the development of depression, neurosis, insomnia and other problems with the body.

Calendar winter has not started yet, but getting dark early. According to Vilfand, the duration of daylight is now almost eight hours. As you approach the New year it will steadily decrease, and after a month of daylight will become shorter already for an hour. The lack of light can have a negative impact on the health and wellbeing of people.

Scientific studies demonstrate that in humans, long resident in the conditions of short light day, often marked by significantly lowered mood and depression, which is associated with decreased production of “happiness hormone” serotonin, which is responsible for emotional stability. Sunlight helps the brain to start the production in the blood of the substance and the lack of sun leads to a drop in his level. In the winter season with its deficiency of sunlight have the highest prevalence of clinical depression.

Russians should prepare for the ongoing season of winter depression, experts say. People may experience reduced performance, excessive fatigue, drowsiness, or, conversely, insomnia, increased irritability. Against this background, is the weakening of the immune status, increasing susceptibility to SARS and the flu, other infections. The shortage of sun in the winter season leads to a shortage of vitamin D, so you can start to dramatically deteriorate the skin, nails, hair.

Experts believe that in the season of winter depression, need to help the body through a difficult period. In particular, should eat more foods rich in protein and fats (but don’t forget that without exercise it can contribute to excess weight). In addition, it is useful to look for further sources of joy, which would stimulate the synthesis of serotonin is to attend events, move more, socialize with nice people.

The doctors warned that depression at the beginning of the winter season may be particularly likely children and the elderly. Their hormonal system is unstable, and the internal “biological clock” are subject to rapid failure.

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