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How to treat burns with home remedies

Experts told about how at home it is best to treat moderate burns. These tips will help speed up the healing process of burns and to reduce pain.

Burns are the most common household injuries, especially among children. In some cases they cause severe damage to the skin, causing death of skin cells. Depending on the reason and extent of injury most burn victims recovering from them without any serious consequences. However, to prevent complications in victims of severe burns need emergency medical assistance. Burns are divided into four degrees.

At the first degree marked redness, moderate swelling and pain, but there are no bubbles on the skin. At the second degree burn the skin hardens some may be bubbles that indicate damage to the inner layer. Third-degree burns are accompanied by numbness due to full damage of surrounding nerves and dermis. Finally, fourth degree burns can extend through the layers of leather on flesh, causing irreversible damage and scarring. For burns, since the second grade and above are strongly recommended to consult a doctor for professional help. Only in this case the person can sufficiently protect your health from dangerous consequences. For minor burns, you can try to cope on their own at home, but it is necessary to take several steps.

Use antibacterial soap and wash your hands thoroughly. To reduce pain and swelling include cool water and rinse the damaged area. Use water and mild soap for cleaning wounds. If you don’t see entrance wounds, on the skin, then apply it to the damaged place of the agent for external use antibiotic. Use a sterile bandage in order to reliably isolate the damaged area. (READ MORE)