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Hot needle will cure lung cancer in 30 minutes

A new unique method of treatment for lung cancer uses a hot needle to influence tumour in just 30 minutes. This allows patients to avoid invasive and quite destructive to the health surgery.

A unique method of treatment of lung cancer according to the “two in one” allows to not only diagnose, but also to destroy hard to reach tumors in just half an hour. The technique will give a chance to thousands of Russians to avoid invasive and quite destructive to the health surgery. During this method, the doctors will burn out the tumor with a hot needle – this technique is called radiofrequency ablation. The same needle can be used for biopsy, i.e. removal of a small piece of the tumor to check for its aggressiveness and likelihood of metastasis. In other words, this method is effective in the diagnosis and in the treatment of lung cancer.

Currently, most of the victims of this deadly disease goes through repeated invasive biopsies followed by radiation therapy or additional surgery to remove the malignant tissue. All of these operations very difficult perceived by the patient. In addition, the treatment itself is time-consuming and is accompanied by a lot of side effects. A new method of treatment of lung cancer greatly reduces that period and allows you to get the biopsy results in not more than two weeks, and sometimes for a few days. It is very important for patients awaiting diagnostic results with great concern.

Moreover, a unique needle allows access to tumors previously considered inaccessible without major surgery and under local anesthesia. During studies of radiofrequency ablation in the treatment of lung cancer showed the same effect as the currently used methods of diagnosis and treatment of tumors. (READ MORE)