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Headaches, high blood pressure, back complaints, Sport often helps better than pills

Many of the health problems the Sport is the more effective therapy

Health experts highlighted the importance of Sport for our bodies. Regular exercise can not only help you in losing weight, but also has numerous health problems – and often more effective than drugs.

Medical treatment with significant side effects

That Sport and movement have a significant impact on our health, is known for a long time. However, in the case of physical complaints such as headaches or back pain many people resort quickly to medicines. And although each drug treatment may lead to considerable side effects. In many cases, it is worthwhile, therefore, other therapy possibilities. The HKK health insurance company indicates on its website. In particular, Sport is, in many cases, the more gentle the therapy, and sometimes more efficient than medicines.

In the case of numerous health problems, Sport and exercise can help, often better than drugs. (Image: Mediteraneo/

Movement against headache

The pain clinic in Kiel migraine and Tension headache recommends, for example, patients with regular endurance sports.

Already 30 minutes of exercise three days a week could halve in a scientific study, after six weeks, the pain attacks and also the intensity of the pain subsided significantly.

Reasons for the clearly demonstrable therapeutic effect of the sport, especially the better blood circulation of the nervous system, an optimal supply of oxygen and activation of the body’s own pain defences are.

Because according to the health insurance Fund, the body produces under physical stress, endorphins, and particularly in the brain regions for the processing of emotions and the suppression of pain responsible.

The endorphins superimposed on the quasi-pain – an effect that can be used by many pain sufferers: Because pain often occur, although there is no direct physical cause for it.

Back muscles strengthen

Typical tension head pain is a very good Sport to treat because by the movement of muscles and Tendons are loosened and tension is relieved.

In addition, it strengthens the need for a regular Training the muscles to be sustainable, so that it can only come to the strong tension, the trigger is typically a headache.

The same is true for back discomfort, because an untrained back muscles tends to stick faster tension pain.

Previously back treated pain often with injections, however, today, many Doctors rely on specifically to strengthen the back muscles, since most of the complaints disappear automatically.

Band disc incidents is also the best prevention: Because the stronger the muscles are, the less of a burden shall bear the spine.

Thus, the load on the intervertebral discs, which for the “suspension” between the individual vertebral bones to worry drops.

For the prevention and treatment of hypertension

The circulatory System benefits from regular exercise. Especially blood pressure values by moderate endurance-load influence.
10 tips for high blood pressure

High blood pressure (hypertension) should be taken seriously. Here we show you 10 tips that can help against high blood pressure.
In the case of high blood pressure, a medication adjustment is often essential, in order for the high blood pressure can damage the blood vessels or the heart.

However, Sport is an effective means of reducing blood pressure values in a natural way. Especially in the case of only slightly elevated blood pressure, an exercise program can be the most sensible therapy.

However, as a Supplement to a pharmaceutical therapy for sports – under medical control – makes most sense.

The HKK explains the reason for this is that Each exercise leads to a increase in blood pressure – even sports. After the effort, however, to a significant decrease in blood pressure.

Especially for people with blood pressure problems, it has been found that the blood pressure may be decreased below the initial resting value, and to fashion a 15-rates-minute-stamina-loads for up to an hour!

Through regular Training, this effect is extended even. The blood pressure swings on duration to a lower overall value. And also the load values will be significantly reduced, whereby the Schlaganfall– and heart attack risk can be significantly reduced.

Ideal for endurance sports such as Running, walking or Cycling. In any case, pressure patients but for the blood that you discuss with the doctor, as you should, the training program design in order to avoid possible risks due to an Overload.

Not least, Sport is also suitable for the prevention against high blood pressure well. So a scientific study by the University of Minnesota was able to show in the United States: Who’s coached in recent years, has in the further course of life, usually no problems with high blood pressure.

Not a Sport for colds

In the case of such health problems, you should not think only of drugs, but also to examine whether exercise can help to keep the body fit.

In acute colds and similar infectious diseases in Sport, however, is taboo, because the body needs all the forces to fight the viruses or bacteria.

Physical effort increases in this case, only the risk of slowing down the disease. (ad)