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From back pain helps pineapple

Consumption of pineapple and pineapple juice helps with back pain and back problems, reported in the publication edition Express. Analgesic effect of pineapple have been associated with the action of the enzyme bromelain.

Scientific experts agree that people suffering from back pain, you can take bromelain in the form of supplements or add more pineapple to your diet. According to the conclusion, bromelain in a natural way reduces inflammation and thereby helps with the uncomfortable and painful sensations that are associated with disorders of the spine.

Commenting on this ability of pineapple to be protected from pain, one of the scientists, Dr. Joseph Mercola reported:use 110 ml of pineapple juice for pain in the back can give the effect of analgesic after a few minutes. The researcher added that “there are many safe and effective alternatives to pain medication”.

In addition, doctors recommended suffering from back pain have to move – physical activity helps to improve blood circulation, which contributes to restoration of the spine. In addition, it is extremely useful to practice special exercises.

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